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Being Married to a Child Molester

While this is one of those issues that continues to fester, we now know more about why men sexually abuse children and what their spouses can do for themselves and their children to recover and live satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Unfortunately, there continues to be lots of myths, misinformation and denial about who is involved, how many children are impacted, and most importantly the role of the “non-offending spouse” in the resolution of the issues.

It is our purpose to shine the light on the problem, how large a problem this continues to be and what women can do that can make a difference for themselves and their children to move beyond this horrific experience.

This is not necessarily an easy site to visit, but for those of us who have been through the experience, it is often a welcome opportunity to know there is someone else out there who has not only shared their experience but has gotten through it to build a satisfying and productive life. And, even find a wonderful new man with whom to share my life.

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On this site you’ll find more information about

  • what kind of men are molesters
  • what women know and don’t know when they’re married to a molester
  • what women can do to help themselves
    (It’s all about the oxygen rule. You know, the flight attendant always says put on your oxygen mask before you help others. If you aren’t on solid ground you can’t help your children deal with the trauma you’ve experienced)
  • how to get the word out about being married to a child molester and shine the light on the how to help not hurt.

We are not the monsters nor the perpetrators you may think we are or have been made out to be by the popular press.

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